Everyday is Earth Day on the farm

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” 

 ~ Newtons third law


The lawn is gone.

What starts out as a passion can quickly become an obsession.  Farming has become that obsession, which is rooted in the desire to help my fellow human and our planet at the same time.  I truly believe that the way we acquire our food is the root of all problems and the ultimate source for solutions.


A wet season calls for row covers.

Working to create a sustainable farm, that works with nature, has opened my eyes to the way I interact with our world.  In our modern environment, man dictates what happens when and how. When working on a small farm, mother nature will let you know when and how to do things right, if you listen.


God’s country

The more we observe how Mother nature works and mimic those lessons, the more we can create systems that benefit our everyday interactions with nature.  On our farm, Mother nature is the ultimate boss.  We listen to her everyday – in how we farm, what we grow and how we plant.

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