A helping hand

“The best helping hand you can find is at the end of your own arm” – My Father

Son of Something Farm is an all hand powered farm with no tractor.  We don’t have the need for a tractor nor would we want to use one.  What makes us a sustainable farm is that we don’t rely on fossil fueled machinery to do the work for us.


Permaculture design and biointensive techniques working in harmony.

Working with nature instead of against it, we use wheel barrows to move around our high quality compost to our permanent no-till beds.  We use appropriate technology to save time and labor making us highly efficient and extremely productive.  Utilizing hand tools and working smarter not harder allows use to bring the highest quality products directly to our customers.


Hand tools and reclaimed materials make our farm sustainable and regenerative.

We believe our soil is the most important asset we have and treat it accordingly.  A tractor is a heavy piece of equipment that compacts the soil and hurts the microbiology.  By using a no till method and a patient approach we mimic nature to provide quality and not quantity.  Using animals to do the work on our farm creates a closed loop system that provides for the land and the people.


Utilizing animals instead of fossil fueled machinery is way more fun and holistic.

Salad mixes

We offer three types of salad mixes, made up of tender young greens.  Our mixes are seasonal and grown to suit our foothill climate.  Our goal is to provide the freshest salad mixes, composed of highly nutritious greens and harvested at the optimal time for flavor.    


Spring Mix:  Multiple varieties of lettuce are mixed together to provide taste, texture and loft.  Mustard greens and Red Russian kale are added to enhance nutritional variety and flavor.


Spicy Mix:  Mustard Greens and Arugula make up the base of this peppery mix.  Baby Red Russian kale is added in smaller proportions for texture.


Braising Mix:  Tatsoi is a key ingredient in this mix, for sauteing or stir frying.  Gourmet quality greens such as Spinach, Chard, Mustard and Arugula are included to round out this medley.