Salad mixes

We offer three types of salad mixes, made up of tender young greens.  Our mixes are seasonal and grown to suit our foothill climate.  Our goal is to provide the freshest salad mixes, composed of highly nutritious greens and harvested at the optimal time for flavor.    


Spring Mix:  Multiple varieties of lettuce are mixed together to provide taste, texture and loft.  Mustard greens and Red Russian kale are added to enhance nutritional variety and flavor.


Spicy Mix:  Mustard Greens and Arugula make up the base of this peppery mix.  Baby Red Russian kale is added in smaller proportions for texture.


Braising Mix:  Tatsoi is a key ingredient in this mix, for sauteing or stir frying.  Gourmet quality greens such as Spinach, Chard, Mustard and Arugula are included to round out this medley. 

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