Summer days

Summer days are here!  Between the heat and the wet that we have received this year I can tell you that it has been a heck of a first season to farm full time.  But you cant control the weather, you can only only control your reactions to it.


Goji berries

Well, we are getting some Goji berries this season but not enough to bring to the markets this year.  Our plants have only been in the ground for a year but were moved mid season as we changed around some of annual beds to permanent ones.  This change was done for a couple reasons.  Primarily we wanted the garden closest to the house and under a very large Oak tree to be perennial beds with a focus on drought tolerance and beneficial attractants.


Head Lettuce under shade cloth

Getting plants to germinate in the summer can be tricky.  Having a small farm can be very advantageous when it comes down to growing difficult crops or utilizing season extension.  Having a smaller area means I don’t need much in the way of shade cloth or I can utilize the land that is shady to grow on.  Since we live in a canyon near the river we have plenty of micro-climates and there is always somewhere that is shady on our land.


Eggplant: Purple Long


This year we are narrowing down our crop focus based upon what is in demand, how well we can grow it and can we harvest it efficiently.  I’ve always enjoyed growing eggplant and love the hardiness of the plant as well as the purple blossoms.  I’m also a big fan of Eggplant Parmesan but when you are growing for market it can’t just be about what the farmer likes.


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