Finding the balance

I like lists.  It gives me great satisfaction in checking accomplished tasks off of a list.  Often times though, we can be extremely efficient but not effective.  This year I have learned the value of balance by having a lack of it in my life.


Rheza Peppers.  Making a profit off peppers can be tough for a small farm.

I have always looked to work smarter and not harder but on a farm both are needed.  More often than not the latter takes precedence because it can feel as though you are accomplishing a lot when working hard.  I believe that in our culture working hard equates to accomplishing something.  Sometimes its better to do nothing and observe, but in an instant gratification world this can be frowned upon.

Perp Spinach

Perpetual Spinach.  Grows great during the heat and long lasting in the Summer months.

As the years roll by I find great satisfaction in not accomplishing lots of things and instead focusing on cultivating a well balanced life.  This is easier said than done as most people know, but yet all the lessons of life can be found on the farm.  Time management can mean the difference between a well functioning business or one that is about to go under.  The lessons that nature teaches are all around us and sometimes stopping to be a part of that world can allow us to accomplish the most.


Our friend, companion and the best farm dog anyone could ask for.

With the passing of our beloved farm dog Buster, many things have been put into perspective.  The time we have is short, the work we do will vanish and the things we love most are here for only a short while.  We don’t get to choose when loved ones will go, we only have the present to be with them.  It’s hard to balance life when there are so many things to accomplish, so much work to be done and so many places to go.  In the end, we will never get the time back no matter how hard we work or how much we accomplish.

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