Right back at it.

“Another season is upon us and the time for change is in the air.”


I really like living with the seasons and embracing each one as it comes my way.  There is something refreshing about each new season, the body and mind can feel the ebb and flow.  There is a yearning for what the future brings, a solace on reflecting of the past and a desire to remain present.

Fruit trees in bloom.jpg

A Double Delight peach and Housi pear in bloom


With each new passing there is something put in place.  A tree may go dormant but will spring forward with new life and give fruit.  The sun may set but will rise again and in each moment change is a constant.  This will be my third year farming and a first for some on the farm.


Chickens tilling in last years crops for next years beds.

During Spring there are so many things to do on the farm and yet it is the most beautiful.  At times I want to just lounge around and watch the flowers bloom, mill around in the orchard and enjoy the pleasant weather.  But I’m reminded that we reap what we sow and for now I shall work from sun up to sun down and enjoy the little moments of rest.

Artichoke starts.jpg

Artichokes starts ready to go into or mixed orchard.




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