Looks like Spring, sounds like Spring , but sometimes it sure doesn’t feel like Spring.

Well it sure was a good soaking we had here on the farm.  Luckily we have been holding out on planting a few beds (some are covered so we can suppress the weeds with tarps) and those are the beds most affected by heavy rains.  We are on the end of the drainage in our neighborhood so we get lots of runoff from the neighbors driveway.


Spinach is coming up nice and uniform.

Having grown up on this property since I was fiver years old (I’m 38 now) I sure do have an advantage of knowing how the weather plays a role on our landscape.  Although each year is different and there is always something new that pops up and keeps you on your toes.  This year was the first time that I have seen our pond overflow as well as our neighbors, luckily none of our crops were affected.


It’s nice to have greenhouses to work under when the weather changes from spring to winter.

Since I have started market gardening I have little time to put in my own personal garden.  This year I’m looking forward to growing some items just for our family.  We have shishito peppers, pumpkins, squash, eggplant, cucumber, beans and corn that we are growing.  I’m also looking forward to finally harvesting our hops this year to make some celebration beer for another wonderful season.


Looking forward to having a personal garden this year.