You reap what you sow


A thorn less rose, with a beautiful scent, wafts in the air as you brush past a white sage entering the garden.

If it could stay this mild of weather year around I wouldn’t mind that at all.  The air is crisp in the morning, things are green and flowers are blooming.  The dew on the crops in the morning are a welcome sign that moisture is still in the air.  These are moments to be cherished, moments to marvel at all that nature has to offer. It is the calm before the storm.


Inter-planting in the beginning of the season.  Basil next to Atomic Flair Heirloom tomatoes.

Sometimes in life you feel you are on top of it and ahead of the curve.  Then you realize you have lost signs of the pack and don’t know whether you are leading or lost.  In the world of farming there are often more unknowns than guarantees.  You could work an entire day or week and lose all of your efforts to a pest, the harsh environment or some other unforeseen event – your own stupidity.  You come away with a life lesson and usually a hangover as you start the next day putting those lessons to work.


Red Russian Kale, Spinach and Arugula – plantings done almost every week. 

Farming is life.  As simple as that may sound all the lessons of life can be learned on a farm and probably should.  There are no shortcuts when working with nature.  There are only lessons to be learned and how one should change themselves to be a better person.  You can get mad all you want, try to do things in a hurry, or not put in a hundred percent effort but it never changes the fact that you reap what you sow.



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