Lettuce on the grill!

Grilled Little Gems Salad

  1. I like to slice them in half and coat the split side with a combination of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  2. Sprinkle some coarse salt and freshly cracked pepper on the split side as well.
  3. Add some grated or crumbled Parmesan cheese.
  4. Place split side down on the grill for about 2 minutes to get a nice char.
  5. Remove from the grill and add your favorite dressing if you like or eat as is.

Why not throw something else on the grill besides squash?

Little Gems lettuce is one of our favorite varieties to grow.  These compact romaine heads are sweet, crisp and delicious!  I had never heard of grilling lettuce before I began farming.  I’ve been really amazed how good fresh food from the garden tastes and lasts compared to store bought produce, even organic.  When you buy direct from the farmer you get all the nutrients before they break down in the transportation process.  By the time most produce gets to the stores it’s been traveling for a while.


Mini Butter Heads are some of the tastiest lettuces out there.

We grow a select few lettuces at Son of Something Farm along with our Spring and Spicy mix.  Our farm is nestled along the Bear River and our micro-climate is well suited to growing sweet greens all through the Summer.  Although it does take a little extra work during the hottest days of the year we have learned a few techniques to producing local, tasty greens.


Red Mini Butter is almost too beautiful to eat…but I always find a way.

Turnip the beets.

I have never had a fresh turnip before I started farming.  To be quite honest I never really ate that many fresh vegetables before farming either.  Sure I would eat vegetables but not fresh from the field, picked moments before biting into type of vegetable.  There is something so different from a vegetable at the store to the one you grew in healthy, happy soil.


White turnips are sweet, mild and crunchy.

Once you taste the difference between a carrot or any other root crop grown from a local farm there isn’t any going back.  Sure, it sounds dramatic but the thing is your senses know the difference.  The senses start to crave this fresh taste because they know that there is real nutrients in these foods and the body wants them.


A homegrown salad consisting of arugula, spinach, turnip slices, our own eggs from our small flock and topped with radish micro greens.

I’m always looking for great ways to mix up our greens to make a healthy and tasty combination.  This year we are introducing our new Sierra Super Greens mix.  This blend of baby greens consists of rainbow chard, spinach, red russian kale and beet greens.  It is truly a powerful combination of nutritious and delicious that looks great and tastes even better.  Perfect for smoothies, as a salad and even sauteed – a very versatile mix.


Sierra Super Greens – makes ya feel superfull!

Only a few more days till our first farm stand of the season!  This coming Tuesday, June 12th (and all Tuesdays till October) from 4 till 7 p.m.. Our farm location is at 10567 Gautier Drive, Auburn CA 95602 – there is parking along the street.  It will be a hot one but we will be in the shade.  Can’t wait to see you all.




Farm Stand is opening!


Farm Stand is opening Tuesday, June 12th.  We will be open from 4 to 7 pm (not 3). 

We decided not to do a farmers market this year and then at the last minute a new market opened up.  It was in a great location and during the midweek, which was perfect for the farm operations.  Last year we did a weekend market and felt we were losing out on all the fun weekend events so we decided to focus on a work/life balance this year.  Unfortunately the market has been postponed till the end of June.


The farm is expanding, just a little but we would love to show you where you greens come from.

We love having people out on the farm to show them how we grow and to share our story.  I always like to think of our farm as a microcosm of the world – I moved home to help my dad with health issues, he had lots of junk that needed to be reused and there was a front lawn that was going to waste.  These are some of the biggest issues I see facing the world (health issues, reusing/recycling of whats already here and waste of resources) and here was an opportunity to make a positive difference.


Where it all began.  There was an old pickup truck at this site before I started planting perennials.

I love looking back over old photos of what the property looked like before I started working on it.  Come take a look at what we have done and where we are going.  The farm stand will be open this next Tuesday from 4 to 7 pm and we will have it every Tuesday till October.