The heart of the “Mater”


Tomato season is here! Black Beauty is the darkest tomato out there.

Tomato season is in full swing on the farm and we are picking some amazing specimens this year.  The Blue Beauty has an amazing red color under that dark skin and the Black Beauty just the same.  Both have very dark skin, tender meat that is mostly seedless and an amazing flavor.


Making pasta sauce with a special ingredient!


We grow heirloom tomatoes and look for unique and flavorful varieties.  This year we have some amazing grape tomatoes that look crazy but have a sweet and complex taste.  As well as some Black Pineapple varieties, with a multi color center and a lip smacking flavor, that starts out sweet and ends with the perfect amount of tang.

Ananas Noire – The Black Pineapple.  A swirl of colors awaits at the heart of this mater.


I love to make a homemade pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes and herbs from the garden.  With a medley of heirloom tomatoes there are so many wonderful recipes to make this time of year.  We will have tomatoes at the farmers market in Grass Valley on Tuesday at the Pine Creek Shopping center.




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