Finding balance in work and life

“There is always something to do but only so much that really needs to be done.”

~ Life


White Wonder Watermelon.  Take the time to sit back and enjoy a watermelon with friends.

The old work/life balance is a tough one to master.  On the farm there are so many things out of my control that you are forced to accept what mother nature provides.  Sort of.  Here in Northern California we don’t see rain after June usually, and not again until October.  So we have to provide water for the crops we want to grow during Summer.

Red Sails

Red Sails Lettuce.  Growing greens in the heat of Summer is not for the weak.

It can be a lot of work to keep the soil moist in our clay rich soils of the foothills.  There is rarely a time that you can leave the farm for more than 6 hours without having to re-water a crop during the Summer.  Sure, there are timers for irrigation but if there is a problem with a timer it can mean major crop loss in just a matter of hours on a 100 degree day.


Elenora Basil.  Slightly spicier than the traditional pesto type and loves the summer heat.

There are many days when the work is hard, things don’t go right and you lose crops -which means you don’t make any money.  As time goes on you learn and things become more efficient.  The weather teaches you patience, working with the soil teaches you respect and running a farm teaches you balance.

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