Lining up for fall


Red and Golden beets, rainbow carrots planted for fall.  Cucumbers still coming on strong.

We are prepping up beds on the farm for fall and winter.  Plantings of beets, carrots and greens are going in and we are working on our stale seedbed practices.  Last season we had a number of weeds that overwintered and clogged up the beet beds pretty bad.  This year we are really looking to be as proactive as possible.


New starts getting ready to go through fall and we will see how far we get into winter.

With each new passing season we learn some more tricks of the trades.  Always trying to do things more efficient, because in the end we strive to have a balanced life.  Not just one filled with meaningful work but also one in which there is time to cultivate meaningful relationships.


With the new irrigation in place and the cooler weather, germination has been much better.

When I first had the idea of a homestead it conjured up ideas of a place of rest, an oasis.  Often now when I look around I see nothing but work.  The grass is always greener on the other side, but how did it get that way and who watered and cared for that grass?  Sometimes it takes hard work to make that grass green and in the end is it really worth it.  Nature will always reclaim the land, our minds will always wander and in the end everything falls into line.

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