The last of the farmers market


Green tomatoes.  Whats your favorite recipe?

As the weather turns to cooler nights and the first frost is nipping at the foothills, the last of the Tuesday Farmers markets are upon us.  Two more Tuesdays and we will take our winter break (at least from the markets).  You can still find our greens at Heartwood Eatery & The Stonehouse (in Downtown Nevada City).


Almost a translucent core.  This radish is sweet and spicy.

We will be bringing lots of root crops like beets, carrots and radishes along with our seasonal selection of salad greens.  As well as green tomatoes.  Here is a great website with 15 different recipes for green tomatoes.  We have baby carrots by the bunches this week and red/golden beet mixes by the bunches.  Our heirloom radishes are French Breakfast, Purple Plum, and Scarlet Long (pictured above).  Hope to see you at the market!



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