Start of a new season.

It’s late January and the farm has been “resting” over the winter.  During this time of the year we mainly focus on getting things ready for the upcoming season.  For us this means prepping beds, starting our tomato seeds and placing orders for bulk seeds.  With our crop plan in hand and our planting schedule updated we are ready for the start of another year.


This season we are taking a streamlined approach to our farm by growing only a handful of crops seasonally.  Our original plan was to be a diversified farm and along the way we started focusing heavily on annuals to make a living from the farm.  Taking a look back we have now realized that a diversified farm needs a diversified farmer.  In order to accomplish this we have decided to grow more perennials for the long term and only a few annuals during the short term.  We are doing this for several reasons:

  1.  We are a very small farm with limited space for annuals but plenty of room for perennials.
  2.  We work with the seasons to grow whats best when it should be grown and not when we want.
  3. We want to specialize in leafy greens as these grow the best on our land for annuals.  For perennials we are focusing on a few specialty crops that will do well with our climate and our land.

The main annual crops we are focusing on are: Spring Mix, Spicy Mix, Arugula, Spinach, Red Russsian Kale, Pea & Sunflower shoots as well as Heirloom Tomatoes.


With each passing season we learn from the land and we learn about ourselves.  The farm is a teacher of all things and the lessons learned are important ones.  I feel grateful to have the opportunity to grow food for my local community.