More rain?

This has definitely been a wet start to the season and at times I feel like I am so far behind.  It could be worse.  Like hot and scorching, to the point where you have to call it a day at noon, or sitting behind a desk!  But you learn to work around the weather and make the most of what mother nature gives you.  It’s humbling really.


This time of the year we are prepping beds that have been covered with tarps to reduce weed pressure.  We are even harvesting overwintered crops and trying to grow more through the Winter.  Tomato plants are about to be transplanted into the soil, usually this is done April first but we are just a little behind.  We have compost being delivered on Wednesday and every morning I’m looking to see what the weather will be like in the week ahead.


We have big plans for a few plots and hope to be working with the NRCS to get approved for a cost share program to 1: Get our Organic certification! and 2: A new greenhouse!  Both are very exciting as I have wanted to be certified in order to hopefully sell to places like Briar Patch COOP in Grass Valley.  I’m also looking forward to adding a few more greenhouses along with the one (hopefully) that the NRCS will help with.  These season extensions will help us grow earlier and later into the season.  They will also be an added protection to the crops from heavy rains and a welcome place to work under during stormy weather.  During the Summer we will look to remove the poly and utilize shade cloth as another welcome place to escape the summer heat.


There is so much going on around the farm these days, it’s actually hard to go to sleep at night, I’m just so excited!  When I first started on this farming adventure I used to have trouble going to sleep because of anxiety – will this work, am I crazy, should I just get a real job?  Now 3 years into this rabbit hole things are starting to fall into place.  Or so they seem, life is a big roller coaster, I’m just trying to enjoy every moment of it!

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