Golden Beets

I hate beets.  I hear it all the time and I used to be one of those people.  Now of days I crave beets, especially our golden beets.  They are sweet and extremely flavorful when cooked and can be used in so many ways.  As a farmer my calorie intake is similar to when I used to fight wild fires but now there is no one to cook me food like at fire camp.


Bartering at the farmers markets is the greatest.

So I came up with this meal after working a 16 hour shift on the farm.  Super hungry as usual, I scoured through my cabinets for something to satisfy my giant work filled appetite.  During the Saturday markets at the North Star house in Grass Valley, I often trade with other vendors and decided to use all the things I had traded our greens for.


Ajay’s Montana Bananas beef sticks and fresh garlic from the front yard.

For the most part I eat a plant based diet but I believe in balance and not trying to weigh less than I did when I was in high school (too late I already weigh what I was as a sophomore in HS).  For the first part I sliced up the beef sticks and chopped the garlic quick style.  I wanted the grease from the sticks to help caramelize the garlic without over cooking the garlic itself.


The 3″ of beet greens are great to leave on when cooking.

I sliced the beets in half and left 3″ of the beet greens on.  I used olive oil from Calolea, the Meyer Lemon flavored one and used their garlic flavored variety a bit later just to add more garlic flavor.  Beets are great in the fact that you really cant over or under cook them.  I roasted these on low for about thirty minutes.


Put those beet greens to use!

I always sell root crops with their greens on for several reasons.  Number one is that they are edible and number two, I want to show you that there fresh.  For this dish I tossed in the beet greens last and turned off the heat.  This is when I added the garlic olive oil to the dish.  All in all it was a very flavorful dish and very filling.