How we grow

As a well balanced and ecologically minded farm we grow annuals as well as short term and long term perennials.  What does this mean and why is this important?

  • Being well balanced means we grow a variety of vegetables and fruits in order to reduce the risk of pests and eliminating the need to use pesticides and other chemicals altogether.  By growing certain crops that deter pests and utilizing beneficial insects we have no need for using harmful chemicals to grow healthy plants.  We start with well cared for plants and use varieties that are adapted to our growing area.  We focus on quality and not quantity.
  • Being ecologically minded our farm utilizes little to no machinery.  No tractors and little to no use of a tiller.  When we do use a tiller it is only for mixing in amendments such as high quality compost and only done when it is optimal for the soil so as not to disturb the soil ecology (earthworms and all the other critters that are working in the soil).
  • Our farm is good for the environment because we create habitats for beneficial insects such as the Monarch butterfly and bees.   As well we save a good majority of our seed when possible to replant the next season and up-cycle old materials to build new infrastructure for the farm.
  • Companion planting and guilds (plants that benefit one another) work to reduce the workload and inputs required to grow healthy, high quality food.  Our produce may not be the biggest on the market but it is the highest quality because of how it is grown.  We respect the soil and the cycles of nature and work with both.
  • We sell local so our impact is minimal.  The average meal travels 1,500 miles to arrive at your plate.  Our markets and who we sell to are within a 30 mile radius of where the food is grown.

This greenhouse was built using reclaimed materials. The windows are actually from my grandmothers house and is built in her memory. While this may be small for the farm now it serves as a great propagation greenhouse for our perennials.